When to transplant strawberries

Although strawberries are one of the most common crops in our plots, and it is almost impossible to find a garden in which this berry is not grown, many gardeners make mistakes when growing, breeding, and most importantly, transplanting it.

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  1. Frequently asked questions regarding transplanting strawberries.
  2. How often strawberries need to be transplanted.
  3. The age of the transplanted bush.
  4. In spring or autumn?
  5. Preparation of beds and "correct" predecessors.
  6. Planting depth.
  7. To water or not?
  8. Prevention.

Frequently asked questions regarding transplanting strawberries

For gardeners, it is no secret that in order for strawberries to please us with an abundance of harvest from year to year, it is necessary to transplant them from time to time from one place to another. And this is where many lovers of this fragrant berry have related questions:

  • when is it better to transplant strawberries - in spring or autumn;
  • how often it is necessary to carry out this procedure;
  • how to properly prepare the ground for planting strawberries;
  • how and what to fertilize;
  • at what depth should the bush be planted so that it is comfortable;
  • does a freshly transplanted strawberry need frequent watering?

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As you can see, there are many questions. Let's try to figure out the main and most important ones.

How often should strawberries be transplanted?

To begin with, it is reasonable and correct to transplant strawberries about once every 3-4 years. It is during this period that the strawberry bushes manage to give their caring owners the maximum possible amount of harvest. And after this period has expired, it becomes noticeable that the bush is weakening, bearing less fruit, and the berries themselves are no longer so large and sweet. Strawberries, as they say, "degenerate."

If you notice such signs, then this is a sure sign that it is time to renew and the place where strawberries grow and the bushes themselves are also time to replace.

The age of the transplanted bush

In this case, it must be remembered that only bushes should be transplanted, the age of which does not exceed two years. If you transplant an older plant, then even in a new place it will not give you a good harvest.

Before transplanting, we carefully examine all the bushes and select only strong and healthy ones - without any signs of disease and with a well-developed root system.

In spring or autumn?

If you believe an experienced gardener, then replanting strawberries can be equally successful in spring and autumn. Only if in the fall, young bushes that have formed on the antennae of an old plant are most often used for transplanting, then in the spring they plant bushes with the same success that they managed to grow from seeds in winter in pots on the windowsill.

When transplanting strawberries, choose a calm and cloudy day if possible.

Preparation of beds and "correct" predecessors

It is important to choose the right place for the future growth of strawberries. After all, not all crops are good predecessors for strawberries. For example, if legumes, cereals or onions were previously grown on the site, then this is very useful for strawberries. But potatoes, cabbage and cucumbers will not leave strawberries behind anything good and useful.

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By the way, do not try to remove dry tops after beans and peas - better dig it up and make a so-called "straw mattress" for strawberry bushes. This strawberry will surely love it.

In general, all the land on the plot prepared for planting strawberries must be carefully dug up, one of the fertilizers applied - humus, compost, chicken droppings. For 1 m2, take approximately a bucket of such fertilizer. Having finished with fertilizer, the soil must be leveled, breaking all the lumps.

Planting depth

When you lower the bush into the prepared hole, do not forget to make sure that its uppermost bud does not go too deep, otherwise there is a high probability of death of such a plant. It is believed that the depth is chosen optimally if, with a slight twitching, the bush remains to sit in its "place".

To water or not?

Another important point in a successful strawberry transplant operation is associated with its watering. Yes, the transplanted strawberry needs watering. Just don't be fanatical about this issue - root rot can begin from excess water.

And when watering, you need to try so that water does not fall on the outlet, otherwise this will also lead to the death of the bush.

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A few days after planting, it is recommended to pour wood ash under the root of each planted bush, then water. This procedure will help protect a young and fragile shrub from possible pests.

If we adhere to such, you see, simple recommendations, then with a high degree of probability it will be possible to state the fact that our work was not in vain!

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