Ornamental beans

Ornamental beans

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There are many plants grown exclusively for decorating a summer cottage. One of these plants is ornamental beans, also known as fire beans or Turkish beans.

The homeland of this annual climbing plant is South America, so it loves warmth very much. Ornamental bean stems are thin and branched, their length can reach three to four meters. As a rule, the flowers of the plant are small in size, bright red, but they are pink or white. Flowers are collected in clusters of 6-7 pieces.

Ornamental beans are propagated by seeds. Around mid-May, the seeds are sown in pots with a mixture of peat and humus. Since the plant is thermophilic, it is transplanted into open ground sometime in early June with the arrival of summer heat. In this case, the transplant must be carried out very carefully so as not to damage the root system, otherwise the plant will die.

To plant Turkish beans, you need to choose a sunny place and pre-fertilize the soil. When planting, you should maintain a distance between plants of about 20 centimeters. Ornamental beans are moisture-loving plants, therefore they require regular and abundant watering.

Fire beans are ideal for vertical gardening. Typically, this beautiful plant is used to decorate balconies, walls, fences, gazebos, terraces, and other structures that require decoration.

With the onset of even minor frosts, ornamental beans die. And next year it needs to be planted and grown again.

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