When to plant celery

When to plant celery

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Celery can often be seen in garden plots, as this crop is incredibly healthy, celery contains amino acids, trace elements, tyrosine, niacin, ascorbic acid, and various vitamins. At the end of February, it is necessary to sow celery seeds in boxes with soil, cover with foil and put in a bright place until shoots appear.

The first shoots usually appear 20 days after sowing the celery seeds. After that, the box with seedlings must be removed to a cooler place. After the plants have 3 leaves, they must be thinned out so that there is at least three centimeters between each plant. Celery loves abundant watering and fertile soil, so you should not forget about regular moistening of the soil and feeding it with fertilizers.

When to plant celery outdoors? After the seedlings have grown stronger, and stable warm weather has established on the street (this period falls around the end of May), celery is planted in open ground. The soil should be prepared in the fall, for this purpose humus and superphosphate are introduced into it.

Seedlings are removed from the ground so that the celery takes root more easily, some of the leaves at the root are cut off, the seedlings are planted at the same depth at which they grew earlier, if you instill an apical bud, this will significantly reduce the quality of root crops.

For this culture, check beds are formed, celery is planted at a distance of 30 cm from each other on all sides, a hole is made, which is watered abundantly with water, then a plant is placed in it and sprinkled with earth. After planting the seedlings, the garden is watered.

If all these planting rules are observed, then you can get a good harvest of celery.

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