Planting onions by seeds

Planting onions by seeds

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Onions are a popular garden crop that is one of the first to be planted and sown in large quantities. Some varieties give a lot of feathers, others have large, dense bulbs.

You can plant this crop with seeds or sets. The seeds are usually black and wrinkled. It is recommended to store them for up to three years, while they remain viable. Since onions naturally sprout rather slowly, you can pre-soak the seeds. If the soil is dry at the time of planting, you need to water it abundantly. Although onions are considered a frost-hardy plant, cold temperatures below -3 ° can seriously damage seedlings. Therefore, if you plant it early (for example, at the end of March), it is better to cover the bed with foil. Planting depth - no more than one and a half centimeters. They usually plant two or three pieces every ten to fifteen centimeters. It is possible and thicker, but then it will be necessary to thin out more often.

To grow onions for a turnip, it is necessary that the first half of the summer be wet, and the second dry. Then it will grow large and be stored for a long time. Greenery always needs water.

Planting onions with seeds has one drawback - the culture does not always have time to ripen before the time of harvest. Therefore, you can grow seedlings ahead of time at home, in boxes. Having sown seeds in early March, by mid-April you will already have decent seedlings that will ripen despite the weather conditions in the fall.

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