Where and when to plant cucumbers in the ground in central Russia

Cucumber is the only vegetable whose fruits are eaten unripe (zelentsi). Therefore, beginner gardeners often have a question: where and when to plant cucumbers in the ground?

When choosing a place, be sure to take into account the love of cucumbers for light, warmth and soil fertility. For its love of warmth, this culture surpasses all other garden crops grown in central Russia in the open field.

Where and when to plant cucumbers

Cucumbers are planted with both seedlings and seeds directly in the garden bed when the soil is warmed up enough. For central Russia, this is usually the end of May.

Before planting with seeds, they must be preheated and then wetted (just before planting). Warming up disinfects and significantly reduces morbidity.

It is better to prepare the garden in this way. Dig a small depression (about 30 cm wide and deep). Fill the lower part half with humus or manure, and cover the top with a layer of earth mixed with manure, forming a small mound (ridge) to improve drainage.

Sow seeds in lines to a depth of 2 cm, at a distance of 12-15 cm in a line, between them - 60-70 cm. For efficiency, 2-3 seeds can be planted in one hole, and after the emergence of shoots, leave the strongest.

In a cold climate, a bed with plants is protected with a film shelter from return frosts and cool matinees.

Sometimes seedlings are also used for planting, but it must be borne in mind that cucumbers have a rather fragile root system, which has a bad effect on transplantation. To prevent injuries to the root system during transplantation, it is advisable to plant seeds for seedlings in peat pots and plant in open ground directly in them four weeks after sowing.

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