Tomato Diva F1: the main advantages

A harvest is what many housewives of a country house or summer cottage dream of, and a good harvest is already a more difficult task, but still doable. For a good harvest you need first of all:

  • diligence and skill;
  • good site;
  • good seeds;
  • and of course care.

Four rules and a great harvest are guaranteed. In this article, we will talk about the third rule, about seeds, namely about such as the Prima Donna tomato. I think this kind of hybrid will be interesting to know for many.

The most important and main advantages and benefits:

  1. it is great for areas with poor yields;
  2. resistant to late blight;
  3. high-yielding;
  4. perfectly fights against many diseases of such seed fruits;
  5. not a capricious hybrid and does not crack when ripe;
  6. loves care, but requires little.

Sowing also does not take much time and effort, the most important thing is to follow all the basic rules and components. Tomato Prima Donna F1 is quite thermophilic, so it needs to be planted around the end of March - beginning of April. Watering also needs to be done with slightly warm water, regularly.

Care will not be as difficult as just regular: loosening the land, watering, weeding from various weeds and directly organizing the support.

The most important advantage of this kind of seeds is that they will grow even in unfavorable places for the harvest. This tomato hybrid was invented for this and is quite popular among housewives, although it is considered a novelty in 2012. Therefore, hurry up to purchase this type of seed and you will have time to plant it this year!

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