Cherry season is on its way

Cherry season is on its way

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Just a little more and the fragrant and incredibly tasty season of cherries will begin. This berry is a harbinger of summer, cherries must be in every garden.

As long as sweet cherry is one of the trees that are the first to bloom and bear fruit, then you need to plant it in a bright place with good air circulation. The soil under the cherries should not be swampy or oversaturated with moisture.

The planting hole for cherries is made deep enough, about 70 by 70 and 60. The distance from other trees is at least 3 meters. In the planting pit, you need to mix a bucket of sand, 1 liter of wood ash, any organic fertilizers, a bucket of peat and the same amount of clay. This mixture will be optimal for the normal growth and fruiting of cherries.

After planting, the ground around the tree is carefully compacted and covered with compost or dry grass. Cherry loves to receive top dressing in the form of slurry, ash. This should be done before flowering, in May and after harvest. If the trees are old (more than 10 years old), it is desirable to fertilize three or even four times.

Cherries need to be pruned annually: mainly weak, dry, inward-directed branches are removed. The place of the cut must be treated with a garden pitch.

Useful properties of cherries

Cherry is indicated for people with kidney disease, high cholesterol levels, hypertension, for how much it has diuretic properties. It is rich in iron, potassium, calcium, vitamin C. The calorie content of berries (100 g) is 50 kcal.

Plant this tree in your garden, it does not require special care, and the cherry season will be a real holiday for you with goodies and goodies.

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