Tomatoes in the greenhouse. The basics of growing

Tomatoes in the greenhouse. The basics of growing

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Tomatoes love warmth, so open ground may not always ripen sufficiently. And where it is warm and humid, painful microorganisms are bound to develop.

In order not to lose fruits, it is necessary to initially select those varieties and hybrids that are more resistant to diseases and make ovaries even in not very favorable conditions. In addition, you need to know when to plant tomatoes in the greenhouse so as not to overcool the young plants. To do this, you need to wait for more or less warm weather, without night frosts.

In order for tomatoes to give a stable harvest, the place for the greenhouse needs to be changed annually. If this option is not possible, you will have to add new soil there, having previously removed 10-15 centimeters. These plants do not like shade, the sun should illuminate the greenhouse from morning to evening. From time to time, you need to loosen the soil so that there is good air drainage.

You should not water the tomatoes before laying the fruits. At this time, excessive humidity can only harm. As soon as the first tomatoes are set, water each plant under the root so as not to splash water on the leaves. This is fraught with the development of infections.

Growing cucumbers with tomatoes is not the best solution. Even if it is not possible to build a separate greenhouse, make a film partition.

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