Planting scheme for cucumbers to a depth of 3 cm and 6 cm

Planting scheme for cucumbers to a depth of 3 cm and 6 cm

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You need to plant cucumbers. In addition, they help to digest food.

High temperatures contribute to good growth. The roots die off and the plant dies.

From Greek, cucumber "aoros" is translated as unripe. Most ripe fruits are red rather than green. Cucumber is an annual herb with creeping stems on which single flowers are located.

The scheme for planting cucumbers begins with choosing a place. Potatoes, peas and corn are good precursors. To obtain a high yield in the fall, fertilize the soil with mineral fertilizers, and before planting with humus. You can put it in the holes and grooves themselves.

To protect yourself from frost, sow the seeds in several steps. The intervals between them are 5 days. It is done so that when the plants are frozen, they will survive. Which will be sown later, surely not to perish. When sprouting, remove the excess.

Planting scheme for cucumbers on the site

You need to sow at a depth of 3 - 4 cm. Some people practice different planting for good germination. We make an inclined hole with a chopper and put the seeds at different depths. Starting at 6 cm and ending at 2. This approach will improve seed emergence.

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