How to plant raspberries

How to plant raspberries

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Raspberry is one of our gardeners' favorite shrubs. Let's talk about how to plant raspberries.


  • Choosing a place for the future raspberry
  • Boarding time
  • Soil preparation
  • Raspberry planting technology
  • Spring care

Choosing a place for a future raspberry

The choice of a place for the future raspberry tree is one of the most important points in planting it, since the bushes in one place can stay for 10-12 years. Best of all, of course, a flat area or with a slight slope, well-drained, is suitable for these purposes. It is completely unacceptable to plant raspberries in swampy and damp places - there will be no use from such a planting. It is also necessary to take into account that raspberries give a lot of growth, so it is better to place them along the hedge.

Raspberry is a sun-loving plant that prefers open woodlands protected from winds, forest glades and forest edges, where a lot of snow accumulates in winter. Therefore, for her on the site, secluded corners with good lighting are needed to place raspberries on them in 2-4 rows.

You can calculate how many bushes you need to plant for your family, and, depending on this, allocate a place for a raspberry tree. The rate of consumption of raspberries per year is 4 kg. Then a family of 4-5 people will need about 20 kg. Approximately this amount is obtained from 30 raspberry bushes.

To prevent raspberries from taking over a new space, they can be “pacified” by planting sorrel around.

Boarding time

Raspberries are a plant that can be planted at any time of the year (not counting winter, of course). But it is best to do such an activity in the fall - since it is during this period that the combination of humidity and temperature is optimal for planting bushes. Planting only, of course, is necessary 20 days before the first frost, so that the plants have time to take root.

If you haven't planted raspberries in the fall, you can do so in the spring. It is important not to miss the landing dates. Plants are planted before awakening and budding. If for some reason the planting may be delayed, then at the digging site (where new seedlings are stored), you need to delay the melting of the snow by simply covering it with a wide layer of sawdust.

Be careful not to damage the delicate buds on the rhizomes of the raspberry when sampling raspberry seedlings from the prikop. Be careful with them when landing.

Soil preparation

Preparing the soil before planting raspberries should be done in the fall if you plan to plant in the spring, and about a month before planting in the fall. But in any case, the soil should be carefully dug to a depth of at least 30 cm and fertilized. As the latter, humus, semi-rotted manure or various composts are perfect. Mineral fertilizers will not interfere here either - superphosphate (50-60 g per 1 sq. M.), Potash fertilizers (30-40 g per sq. M.).

Raspberry planting technology

After you have decided on the place, on the date, you can proceed directly to planting. To do this, you need to dig a trench about 30 cm deep and 60-70 cm wide and fill it with the required amount of fertilizer (if all this was not added during digging). Then the raspberry bush is positioned so that all the roots are evenly distributed along the bottom. After that, the hole is covered with earth, which must be tamped around the plant. It remains only to water the raspberries.

After watering, the soil around will shrink. Sprinkle additional loose earth into the hole, which will act as a mulch cover. The roots of raspberry seedlings should be covered in such a way that the rhizome buds fall to a depth of 2-3 cm. Still proven planting schemes for raspberry trees are 1x1 m, 1.5x1.5 m and 2x0.5 m.

If traces of fungal infections are found on the bark of the planting material, and the buds are dead, cut off the stems from the soil and burn or remove them from the site. And if the buds are normal, alive, the roots are powerful, then shorten the stem to 40 cm.

Around the raspberry seedlings, cover the soil with humus, straw or black covering material. If mulch is not at hand, then the soil is hoe twice more until summer, so that it is weed-free and loose.

Spring care

On a young raspberry plantation of the second year of planting, as soon as the soil thaws, you can install stakes and tie those shoots that are left for fruiting to them. There are still not many fruiting shoots - 1-2 per bush, but this season you can already expect up to 400 g of berries from each raspberry bush. Mulch the soil around the bushes, water the bushes regularly, raspberries are a very moisture-loving culture.

On an already mature fruiting plantation in early spring (it is possible before the soil thaws, since there may not be enough time later), they carry out an audit, remove damaged stems, cut out weak ones, cut the bushes. Excess and damaged shoots are cut out at the very base. In order to improve the ventilation of the plantation and to help the fruit-bearing bushes, a wire is pulled to the supports and the fruit-bearing shoots are tied to them. It is good to do this before bud break, so as not to damage the fruit buds.

Thus, when planting raspberries, you need to find a place, determine the planting time and prepare the soil. And having figured out the technique of planting itself and spring care for raspberries, you can confidently lay new raspberries and replace old ones.

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