The best varieties of actinidia

The best varieties of actinidia

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Plants of the genus actinidia belong to the actinidia family and are deciduous liana-like trees, mainly growing in the mountain forests of the Himalayas and Southeast Asia. In nature, there are about 40 species of it, but we are well aware of Chinese actinidia or kiwi.

Actinidia is not yet a frequent visitor in our gardens, but it is gaining popularity, so I present to your attention the best varieties of actinidia with a brief description.

People's. Average level of winter hardiness and maturation. It is sufficiently resistant to damage by pests and diseases. Cylindrical berries weighing about 3 g, taste sweet and sour with a hint of strawberries. The content of vitamin C is 1850 mg per 100 g.

Waffle. As well as the People's average ripening period. Disease resistance at a high level. Average fruit weight 3.2 g, elongated oval shape. The berries are very tasty, juicy with delicate pulp and amazing aroma. Ascorbic acid contains 163 mg per 100 g.

Gourmet. Disease resistance is not bad, the ripening period is average. Fruits are larger than previous varieties - 4.4 g. Taste are good, have a pineapple flavor. Vitamin C contains in a proportion of 1700 mg per 100 g.

Queen of the garden. It differs from Gourmet by early ripening and lower weight of fruits - 3.4 g. The rest of the indicators are the same.

Hope. The variety has high winter hardiness and resistance to pests and diseases. The fruits are small (2.3 g), but the variety bears fruit abundantly. The content of ascorbic acid is 430 mg per 100 g.

VIR-54. Possesses the largest fruits - 5-6.5 g. Ripening later. A very promising variety.

The described varieties of actinidia were selected based on indicators from 70 varieties.

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