Planting black currant

Planting black currant

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In the middle lane, currants are usually planted in the fall, in the second half of September. 0.5 meters wide enough.

The bottom of the pit should be well loosened, a bucket of compost or humus and 0.5 kg of superphosphate should be poured into it. Loose earth. the compost and superphosphate should be mixed well and another layer of earth, approximately 10 cm, taken from the surface soil layer, should be poured on top. If the roots of the seedling were dipped in a clay mash beforehand, then they should be moistened and the black currant should be planted further. If the roots are slightly dry, it is better to put the plant in water for a day. and only then continue landing.

Planting black currants is done so that the plant is located in the planting hole obliquely, and some of the branches are below the soil level, they then form shoots and create a wide base of the bush. We spread the roots evenly and fill the planting hole. It is better to make an earthen roller around it so that the water does not spread during watering. When planting in autumn, it is enough to water the plant 1 time (at least a bucket of water) and mulch the soil inside the roller with manure, or at least dry soil. In the spring, re-watering will be required, and possibly 2-3 if May is dry.

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