Varieties of garlic and its cultivation

Having studied the varieties of garlic, you can understand how to plant it correctly. The main thing is to deal with the main nuances.

Types of garlic:

  • shooting and non-shooting
  • spring and winter

If you do not know which one to choose for planting garlic - spring or winter, then start from how it will be more convenient for you to grow it. For example, a winter variety can winter outdoors, and it is planted in the soil in mid-September. As for spring garlic, the optimal time for planting is spring.

By the way, the beneficial properties of garlic are explained by the fact that it contains phytoncides, iodine, sulfur and phosphorus. Therefore, it must be used as a fairly effective bactericidal, diuretic, anthelmintic and antiseptic agent. Garlic improves the functioning of the heart and digestive system.

Garlic and its cultivation

As already mentioned, before planting garlic, you need to decide on its type.

After that, be sure to prepare the planting material by selecting healthy and whole cloves. They must be warmed up before disembarking.

The successful cultivation of garlic depends on the quality of the soil. It should be loose and rich in nutrients and minerals. If the soil in your area is acidic, neutralize it with lime. Ideally, the soil should be prepared from early fall. After digging, organic fertilizers such as manure or peat are applied. During the cultivation of garlic, it can be fertilized with mineral dressing.

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