Pansy - Viola tricolor


These small annuals, or perennials from the short life, are hybrids derived from the crossing of some species of violet of European origin, crossed to obtain large flowers and prolonged blooms. In fact they are perennial plants, but generally they tend to be replaced every year, also because summer heat often ruins them and flowering is much better on young plants. These violets bloom from the end of summer until spring, producing small bushes of leaves, 15-30 cm high, from which numerous single flowers sprout, carried by erect fleshy petioles. The colors of the pansies they are varied, and the breeders introduce new ones every year, including shaded and striped tones.

The pansies they do not produce a large root system, so they are suitable to be cultivated in the ground or even in pots; they settle down at the end of summer, to enjoy the long winter flowering, or at the end of winter, before the other small annual plants begin to bloom. They do not fear the cold, but in order to produce flowers in profusion it is preferable to place them in a sunny place; violets placed in areas with low insolation often lead to lush bushes of leaves, with sporadic flowers. If the root system is not too developed, neither are the small bushes, so to obtain a more striking effect it is good to place many seedlings of neighboring violets, so that the vase or flowerbed in which they come we choose a rich soil and fertile, very well drained, and we position the violets at a short distance from each other, avoiding to bury the foot of the plant excessively; in this way we will avoid that any water stagnation favors the development of rottenness.Violets are not very demanding plants, it is certainly advisable to grow them every year in fresh soil, if they are grown in pots it is good to change the substrate contained in the pots, so that each year the plants have the right amount of mineral salts and roots can be developed at their best; It is possible to mix a slow release fertilizer directly to the soil of the plant, or at each watering we add to the water a small amount of fertilizer for flowering plants.They are rustic plants, which do not fear the cold, but could need a cover of non-woven fabric if the night frosts were very intense and prolonged during the winter months.In general, pansies do not need too frequent watering, especially during the cold months; we water only in dry weather and when the soil has been dry for a few days. If we are cultivating violets in pots we remember that we will have to water them a little bit more often, and also during periods of mild temperatures. In spring the violets are also watered a couple of times a week.Pansy: Flower language

In the world of flowers, we often talk about their meaning, about the message that can be sent to the recipient, to those who receive it. Yes, the language of flowers is a universe to be discovered, full of curiosity and very interesting! What will the hidden meaning of the viola be? It is a delicate and elegant flower, with an intense color and unique beauty. However, the viola is shy and sweet and is therefore the symbol of tender, romantic love but also of humility and modesty. If you want to amaze your loved one, the viola is the perfect gift for every occasion. It will be able to excite and amaze those who receive it and will certainly be appreciated as it is an unusual gift, out of the ordinary and from the classic gifts that are received and for this, success will be assured!