Growing strawberries at home is as easy as shelling pears

Growing strawberries at home is as easy as shelling pears

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Many people grow cucumbers or tomatoes on their balconies or windowsills. And there are even those who decide to growing strawberries at home... In fact, there is nothing strange in this, moreover, the strawberries bloom very beautifully, and some varieties bloom all summer and even in autumn, what can we say about tasty and liquid fruits.

In order for strawberry cultivation at home to be effective and as a result it was possible to get berries that are not the most beloved by everyone, it is necessary not only to properly care for the bushes, but also plant correctly.

Many gardeners practice growing strawberries at home not in the ground, but in special bags with a substrate. This helps to save space and grow as many bushes as possible. The substrates can be purchased at regular horticultural stores, and the bags used to make holes and plant berry bushes should preferably be placed vertically.

You can grow berries in almost all rooms, because in every house both in winter and in summer warmly, well, the easiest way to provide warmth to strawberries in cool rooms is to turn on the heater, only in this case we must not forget about humidity, because heat generators actively absorb it.

Air ventilation provided with normal ventilation, but without drafts. Do not forget about timely watering. The issue of weeding and loosening the earth disappears by itself after planting strawberries in bags. Light and warm - basic prerequisites for bushes.

As we can see, there are no special secrets. So good luck growing and enjoying strawberries.

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