Strawberries on the balcony all summer is quite real

Strawberries on the balcony all summer is quite real

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Numerous advisers on growing huge harvests of strawberries in an apartment cannot answer the simple question of who will pollinate it. But this question does not arise if you are growing strawberries on the balcony... Moreover, they are suitable for landing almost any variety, the main thing is that the seedlings are already with 5-6 leaves and a large heart.

Plant early, mid-season and late varieties, as well as remontant varieties. Fill containers or pots semi-decomposed peat substrate, do not forget to add mineral fertilizers or vermicompost, do not forget about good drainage. It is better to plant early, but not in a hurry, since it is still cold in the middle lane until about mid-May. The sooner you plant remontant varieties, the greater the yield. Do not forget feed the bushes with chlorine-free complex mineral fertilizers twice a month. You can also use slurry.

The largest berries from the remontant varieties are produced by the variety "Queen Elizabeth", experienced people prefer to plant it on the balcony. But if you need not only strawberries on the balcony, but also a beautifully decorated balcony, choose an ampelous variety Frapendula... The mother plants will quickly develop a second tier of drooping whiskers, flowers and berries will fill both floors of the plants. True, the berries will not be as large as those of the musty varieties. In extreme heat, it is better to shade the strawberries, and remove the mustaches that do not bloom and do not give berries.

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