How often to water onions?

How often to water onions?

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If you are interested in what how often to water the onionthen it all depends on the weather. In the event that it is rainy outside the window, then the onion can do without additional moisture.

Onions and their cultivation

By mistake, many people think that growing onions in the garden is a simple exercise. On the one hand, this is so, but if you look at the situation with the eyes of an experienced specialist, then we can say that this plant requires knowledge of many important nuances.

So, widespread onion diseases... First of all, these include onion fly, the invasion of which occurs at the beginning of the flowering of bird cherry and cherry.

Onion fly control:

  • make a mixture of peat and creolin in a 20: 1 ratio
  • as soon as the peat is completely saturated with creolin, they need to sprinkle the soil between the rows of onions

Since creolin is used to treat fungal diseases in wood, it can be purchased at hardware stores.

Onion care
it will be much easier if you choose a lighted area with a humus-rich structural soil. To get a good harvest, take care of the mandatory presence of drainage.

As for fertilization, this should be done only in early spring. As a mineral supplement, it is necessary to use superphosphate, urea, and potassium chloride.

In winter, it is popular growing onions on the windowsill at home. Before planting, the bulb must be soaked for 15 hours in warm water in order for it to "wake up" faster.

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