Aphids on cucumbers and how to deal with it

It so happens that cucumbers are actively growing, the summer resident happily rubs his hands in anticipation of a good harvest, but suddenly notices that the leaves of these plants look unusual. It settled aphids on cucumbers. If you do not fight with it, then the harvest can not wait at all. The number of leaves affected by it increases very quickly, and then it can move to pumpkins, zucchini, watermelons, melons.

If you are not afraid to use chemicals, grief is easy to help. Enough once treat the bed with "Bitoxibacillin" or "Aktofit", diluted according to the instructions, and aphids on cucumbers will disappear literally the next day. You can also use "Intavir". Fitoverm and Srela are considered safe biological products and can also help in the fight against aphids. Kinmix, Decis and Arrivo are very effective, but they can be used only at the beginning of the growing season, no later than twenty days before harvest cucumbers.

Many gardeners are afraid to use chemicals and use only folk remedies, for example, infusion of tomato or potato tops. Some summer residents recommend spraying the leaves from below with a weak solution of ammonia and simultaneously feeding the cucumbers with ash or potash fertilizers. Used for spraying and infusions of celandine, garlic, dandelion. In the fall, sulfur bombs are used to kill aphids (which lays perfectly winter-tolerant eggs).

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