How to plant strawberries - seeds and rosettes

IN first year of planting strawberries many large berries are collected from the bushes. Therefore, strawberry bushes are recommended replant every three years.

About, how to plant strawberries it is worth thinking in advance. If you particularly liked some of the bushes because of the variety, berry flavor, size or yield, then mark them with, for example, a stick. This is necessary in order to provide the selected plants with the correct care, allowing them to prepare them for reproduction. And it consists in removal of all formed peduncles, while the mustache, on the contrary, must be left.

By the end of July, on the whiskers from the selected plants, sockets... There can be up to 30 of them, which will provide you with a lot of planting material. Those rosettes with about 4 leaves and a well-developed root system can be safely planted. They just need to be separated from the mother bush and, together with a lump of earth, planted in a new place. Be sure to water the young bush.

Many have heard about the rosette method of breeding strawberries. But some gardeners are also interested in how to plant strawberries from seed... A good potting mix is ‚Äč‚Äčimportant here. It is better to prepare it yourself by mixing ash, compost and garden soil... Boxes are filled with the finished mixture and grooves are formed in it, into which strawberry seeds are sown. The seeds are preliminarily kept in a solution intended for their germination. It is recommended to cover the boxes with a film, which must be removed when cotyledon leaves appear. When sowing strawberry seeds, you need to take them into account. poor germination.

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