Currant processing in spring

Currant processing in spring

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Initially in progress processing currants in the spring all diseased, broken, dry and other poor-quality branches and shoots should be cut off. After completing the stage of preparing the bush, all cut branches and last year's leaves should be burned, since most of the pests hibernate in them.

After the bushes are cut and the site is prepared, it is necessary to properly dig up the soil near bushes and between rows no deeper than 15 cm between rows and 10 cm near bushes.

To strengthen the bushes of tasty berries and subsequently get a decent harvest, it is better during digging apply organic fertilizers to the soil (humus or manure with the calculation of 10 kg per 1 m2). Before harrowing, it is worth fertilizing the plant with mineral fertilizers 15 and 40 grams of azophoska for young and 4 and more summer bushes, respectively, you can also use potassium chloride (20 g.), Ammonium nitrate (25 g.), Double superphosphate (30 g.) ...

Just as important to carry out timely processing of currants from various pests and diseases.

To destroy aphids, use: karbofos, tanrekom, rovi-chickens, infusion of garlic or beard mix 200 gr. calculated for 2 liters of water, pre-infusing the solution for a day, then filter, add 30 gr. household soap and diluted with 8 liters of water.

To combat powdery mildew: spray the currant bush and soil with foundationol before flowering with a calculation of 15 grams. for 10 liters of water.

In order to prevent anthracnose the currant bush is treated before flowering with copper sulfate or Bordeaux mixture.

You need to process currants regularly and efficiently.

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