Sowing onions by seeds

Planting onions is possible in several ways, and one of them is sowing onions with seeds.

To accelerate the germination of onions, it is recommended to wrap the seeds in a wet cloth and wait about 3 days until they "germinate" a little.

For onion seeds, the beds must be prepared in the fall, fertilizing the soil with the necessary substances. Two days before planting, you need to cook hot (about 50 degrees) copper sulfate solution (one tablespoon per bucket of water) and pour over the beds with it at the rate of 2 liters of the prepared solution per square meter of land. Then cover the beds with foil and stand for two days.

Onion seeds can be affected by fungal diseases, therefore, before sowing, it is recommended to take preventive measures: wrap the seeds in a piece of cloth and soak for a quarter of an hour in not very hot water, and then only one minute in cold water.

Sowing onions by seeds best done at the end of April. Prepared beds with a depth of about two centimeters are watered so that the earth is moist, and only then the seeds are sown.

After the bow has risen, it must be order, leaving a distance between plants about one and a half centimeters. After about a month, the procedure should be repeated, only now the distance should be at least 5 centimeters.

Germination of seeds from the soil takes about 20 days. Onion shoots are necessary water sparingly, loosen the soil regularly and remove weeds.

Watering onions is stopped some time before harvesting. After harvesting, the onions must be dried and sorted.

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