Golden Clava - Orontium aquaticum

Golden Clava - Orontium aquaticum

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The Golden Clava is a perennial aquatic plant native to North America. This species has large leaves with an elongated dimension, of a rather dark, bluish-green, velvety color, covered with a waxy patina that makes them water-repellent; they form initially erect tufts, which over time become arched, so that the leaves float on the water surface. During the spring season, it produces long inflorescences consisting of a thick, erect white stem, which can reach a maximum height of 30-40 cm, covered at the upper extremity by flowers of a yellow-gold tone; in late summer the flowers are followed by fruits that appear in the form of small berries, covered with a spongy film, which allows them to float on the surface of the lakes where it grows.


The golden club (also known as Orontium aquaticum) preferably grows in full sun, but develops well even in areas of partial shade; during the winter season it does not particularly fear the cold, although it is advisable to place it in fairly deep waters in places with very cold winters. Usually it prefers low and calm waters, such as those of small ponds or ponds where it is able to develop at its best; It is advisable to place the fleshy rhizomes at the bottom of aquatic gardens, or on the banks of small lakes.

Soil and fertilization

This aquatic species particularly loves wet, rather muddy and rich in organic matter soils. Moreover, these are better if they are, possibly, acidic. The rhizomes must be placed in a mixture of peat and leaf mold, taking care to place a spent layer of sand on the surface. When spring arrives, to ensure optimal plant growth, it is advisable to add to the water in which the plant grows the specific fertilizer for aquatic flowering plants.
The species of Orontium aquaticum need wet environments to live better.
If the plant is grown in a vase, the water in the container must be changed every 15 - 20 days. If, on the contrary, the cultivation takes place in a pond, it is good to water the soil in depth every week during periods of drought and heat. This is to avoid problems related to plant development and to guarantee the plant the ideal conditions for its growth and the nutrition it needs.


The multiplication of the golden club takes place by seed. This should be placed directly at home, raising the pericarp covering the seeds and making them float, to prevent them from being accidentally moved. In the period of June-July it is also possible to divide the clumps of leaves, practicing portions bearing at least one well-developed root; the new plants thus produced must be planted immediately.

Golden claw - Orontium aquaticum: Pests and diseases

Orontium aquaticum plants are unlikely to be affected by pests or diseases. In any case, to avoid the attack of these it is advisable to carry out a preventive treatment with a specific insecticide for aquatic plants. In the same way the operation must be repeated with a fungicide product.